Why Echo Collection ?

There're already billion tons of plastics on our earth. And less than 10% of them are recycled. These post-consumer plastics do harm to our earth...

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Keep a green lifestyle, keep away from bounce.

Our Echo high impact activewear comes in reliable support that can wrap you firmly during your peak performance. Made from recycled polyester fibers, Echo high impact activewar is eco-friendly enough for our nature.

For a Clean Ocean Set

Features 75% recycled polyester, this set of high impact activewear is designed to do something for a clean ocean. At the same time, this set gives you our highest level of support with minimal bounce. Don't hesitate, just show!

For a Green Earth Sports Bra

Made from 75% recycled polyester , this high impact sports bra shows our effort for a green earth. Based on our most classic power back bra, this sports bra offers you a reliable support together with a stylish look. Come on, reach your max!

For a Vast Forest Set

Featured with 75% recycled polyester, this set of high impact activewear is designed for a vast green forest. They keep you confidently covered for any intensive workout. Ready, go to outplay yourself!

For a Great Beach Set

Inspired by sustainable lifestyle, this set of recycled activewear is designed to help protect our clean beach . Featured with soft and stretchy fabric, this set is suitable for low impact workouts like yoga...

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