Show Your Plus Size Curves

Everyone is beautiful and there is no specific beauty standard. People are beautiful in their own ways and nobody can judge or define what beauty actually is. Nowadays, size inclusiveness and size diversity in beauty is trending upward. While the plus sizes in the fashion market are increasing in popularity, more and more women are defying the norm and redefining what it means to be beautiful. 

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, here are several body confidence tips for plus size women to learn how to keep body positivity, and be more confident in your own body.

Tell yourself that you are beautiful

Believe in yourself, stop struggling with self-image. Body confidence comes from within. Actually, self-confidence is a quality that can be developed. If you take with words of encouragement, it places you in a position to act confidently, and then that becomes your reality. Look in the mirror every day and pick out one thing you like about yourself, and you can tell yourself that you are beautiful. Positive affirmations will have a fantastic way of making you feel as beautiful just the way you are.

Echo For a Clean Ocean | Women's Sustainable High Support Sports Bra

Focus on yourself

Don’t compare yourself to other women. Everybody is different, and our bodies change significantly as we grow older. It is important to be happy and healthy in the bodies we have now. Try to write down the things you love about yourself. Focus on those things every single day you'll be amazed at how your confidence grow.

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Find something you are interested

Find these things that make you happy or fulfill you in other ways. Having hobbies and things good at help to boost confidence and also help enjoy daily life. Enjoy delicious food, spend time with friends, read books or watch a film, etc.

Keep active

Movement is crucial to feeling good. You can achieve happiness and beauty in sports. Physical exercise, running included, is known to release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins act as a natural "drug" that make a person more energetic, more awake and happier. Do some exercise, pursue the body positivity status.

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Feeling confident and comfortable while exercising is the key to a successful workout. Embrace your curves with supportive plus size sports bras that will make your workout comfortable and effective. Wearing the right plus size sports bra can enhance your activity. Whatever your size is, a correctly fitted sports bra is a must for all runners.

Yvette’s plus size sports bra is designed to meet your needs and is developed for light, medium, and high impact sports. Choosing sports bra that provides the right level of support can make the difference in your workouts. Enjoy variety of stylish options that fit your preference, you can put on these cute plus size sports bra confidently regardless of your body shape.

High impact sports bras are prepared for high intensity activities like running and aerobics. Featured with racerback, criss cross back and adjustable straps, these high impact sports bra hold you firmly during your peak performance, it keeps you stable no matter how tough the workouts are. Besides, made with sweat-wicking and mesh fabric, these high impact sports bra can give you the comfortable and cool wearing experience.

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Yvette Echo Collection: Be eco-friendly & sustainable, we can offer more

For people who advocate for a friendly and sustainable environment, Yvette also prepared the best eco-friendly plus size sports bra for you. Made of 75% recycled polyester fibers, these sports bra are great to the nature and our planet. With the high support and comfy feature, enjoy yourself in these activewears during workouts or daily wear. Several lovely colors for you to choose from, highlight your appearance with these plus size sports bra.

Echo For a Clean Ocean

Echo For a Green Earth

So how to achieve plus size confidence? In fact, the answer is simple. Loving yourself, accepting your body shape and size, feeling confident about it will make you beauty. How you look impacts how you feel, if you are confident with your appearance that makes you feel more attractive and powerful outside.

Looking trendy and sexy, you can feel confident in these Yvette plus size sports bras for all shapes and sizes. These are the best plus size sports bra for women and girls. Let’s redefine the beauty, and show the plus size curves.

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To make sure your sports bra provides maximum support and hold you in place during workout, it is crucial for you to choose the right size of sports bra. Actually, your bra size may change due to several reasons. So what is the actual bra size for you? It’s time for you to know How to choose the right size sports bra that fits you. Yvette has prepared the size guide that helps you find the right size. Finding your size is no longer a challenge. 

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