How Should A Sports Bra Fit


Most of the women are wearing the wrong size sports bra. In order to make sure your sports bra provides the enough support, you need to know what's your sports bra size and how should sports bra really fit. We are here to help find the perfect bra with properly fit.


Check cups fit

No matter what cup types, padded or non-padded, your cups should fit around your breasts and no extra room or overflow. If there is a gaping of your cup, that's means the cup size is large, your breast may bounce during workouts. If there is overflow at the top then the cup size is small. 

Check band

Actually, the band is important for the support of your sports bra. The band should wrap around your body and make you feel comfortably without constricting. If the band leaves marks on your skin which are tight and small, you should adjust the back closure or go up a band size. Elastic wide band may offer more comfort and support than the normal bra.

Check shoulder straps 

In order to reduce the bounce, the shoulder straps will be wider than the normal sports bra (except for low-intensity exercise). During the movement, the shoulder straps carry a huge pulling force. The straps should lift you up and also make you feel comfort during workouts. If they are slipping down constantly, it must be too loose for you. Try to tighten them. Also, the straps can not be too tight or too narrow which is digging in and make you feel compressed.


More attentions:

To make sure your sports bra provides maximum support and hold you in place during workout, it is crucial for you to choose the right size of sports bra.

Actually, your bra size may change due to several reasons. So what is the actual bra size for you? If you're not sure about your sports bra fits properly or not. It’s time for you to know How to choose the right size sports bra that fits you. Yvette has prepared the size guide that helps you find the right size. Finding your size is no longer a challenge.

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