About Yvette - A Professional Women's Sportswear Brand

Since 1999, Yvette has grown into a leading women's sportswear company. The company has 20 years of experience in professional development, design, and sales of sports bras. The company's predecessor was established in June 1999. It is mainly engaged in foreign trade OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), ODM(Original Design Manufacturer), and underwear export business. In May 2014, the company made strategic adjustments due to the need for business exhibitions, decided to abandon its OEM and foreign trade business, and adhered to the development path of the company's brand “Yvette”.


With 19 years of experience in designing underwear and sports apparel, wide business resources, and having 4 international design teams worldwide, it is a women's sports apparel company integrating design, R&D, production, and marketing. Yvette insists on the integration of “professional, modern and fashionable” sports aesthetics products, focusing on materials and craftsmanship, restoring the emotions of design through the wearing experience, conveying the fun and novelty of sports to the independent self and the sports-loving youth of 18-35 years old.

In 2007, Yvette was officially established in China. We are dedicated to propagating the concept of professionalism, happiness, and comfort over women’s sport.


In 2014, we officially entered the e-commerce field and opened stores on T-MALL, JD, and other online platforms in China. Yvette focuses on the development of female professional and fashionable sports gear, leading the new fashion of female sports.


In 2016, we opened branch offices in Germany and Finland. With the technology development and the maturity of marketing methods, we gradually opened up overseas channels and products to the global market.



In 2017, we set up an office in Los Angeles, deciding to focus on the American market and adjusting our products to be more aligned with American demand. As it turns out, our products are very popular in the US, even many social influencers volunteer to share our gear on their social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


Yvette has gone through 20 years without stopping against various hardships. We are dedicated to female sports and health, helping women find the balance between work and life through exercise. Be your best female friend, tutor, assistant, in "Your Evolution".

Be Active.

Be Daring.

Be Inspired.


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